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muskox character

Wanda...aka...'The Goat'

Likes: chopsticks, Eatmores, seafood, riding on our bike the Muskox, dragonflies, travel, the great outdoors, water holes, machines that move, warm summers, and all things Canadian....

Dislikes: chopsticks, pickles, rushing, ferry waits!

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Scott...aka...'The Bull'

Likes: what's around the corner, Beemers, swimming in the ocean when it's warm, cold beer on a warm summer day, Steve McQueen flics, Mustangs, and all things Canadian...

Dislikes: car alarms at 3AM, sand in my swimming trunks, warm beer on a warm summer day...and pickles!

See Bio below...

BMW R1200GSA..aka..'The muskox'

Likes: Castrol oil, 91 octane, and the road ahead...

Dislikes: city traffic, disgruntled car drivers and moose.




Wanda was born in North Sydney, Cape Breton Island. She is definately a true island girl. After attending university she worked in the health care and special education field, teaching special needs children. Later she moved to the Okanagan Shuswap area and operated a small family business. She is a mom of four children and now resides on Gabriola Island with her partner Scott and family.


Scott was born in Burnaby, British Columbia and lived in Canada for the first 10 years of his life. The next eight were spent in the Isle of Man before returning to Canada to attend McMaster University. Since then he has followed his adventurous instincts which have led him to the French Foreign Legion as a paratroop combat diver, to South East Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East as a commercial diver and treasure hunter, to Los Angeles as a writer, and latterly to the downtown East side of Vancouver managing buildings.

He has travelled extensively on motorcycle in Europe, South East Asia, and North America, and now resides on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, with his partner Wanda. He has one son.


Get out and do it!!

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